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LAW ENFORCEMENT APP As easy to use as “whatsapp”, FrandMe’s Law Enforcement app provides immediate, real time communication within a secure network.

As easy
to use as


Individual or group communications can be easily sent from cell phones, tablets or computers. All messages come through as push communications so no message is lost and notifications are immediate!


  • Secure network ensures privacy
  • Messages can be sent in mass to entire network, specific groups or individuals
  • Platform works on any instrument
  • All communications archived and stored for future reference, so officers do not lose their phone during litigation
  • Communicate with neighboring police
  • Specific topic “subject” capacity for each discussion
  • Private discussions can be created
  • Acts as web browser for attachments
  • No message is lost with push communication
  • One-touch fast and easy response capability
  • Emergency alerts available
  • User friendly and customizable
  • Affordable. Proven. Low Cost.

Each precinct can register its employees and even group them by category:

Administration and etc.

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